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 Starting at age of 2(3), use your children's language and implement these moments in your everyday storytelling and teaching: 

 - The Creation

 - Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel

 - Noah, Abraham and their willing to seek God

 - Jacob and his 12 sons, Joseph and his great heart!, (Judah - David - Jesus)

 - Moses and Exodus

 - David and Solomon

 - The Prophets

 - Jesus, Apostles, Holy Spirit

 - Our GENERATION, Everyday's 'WAR' in our hearts, EFFORTS we need to apply to be SAVED.

Moses Story. (Ten Commandments 2009)

One of the good Bible stories - animated. (Послушание, Кротость и Смирение ведет к Благодати)


After you watch the story with your children:

 - Talk to your children about grumbling and pride as very unwanted qualities of a person, at the same time

 - Remind them everyday - how God's love and person's desire to seek Him - come together in a harmony